Camera Repairs

59e0d0bd4319de00016327bf_side-image-repairBring it to our store and our technicians will take a look at it. They’re trained and experienced in repairing and refurbishing cameras and other photographic equipment of every make and model. If it can be fixed, these guys can do it!


Remote Shutter Release (Basic) – for Canon

Basic Remote Shutter Release.  Essential for releasing your camera while mounted to a telescope without moving or vibrating your gear.  Even the smallest vibration can cause blurry images when shooting through a telescope, especially with long exposures.

Available in the following connector types:

  1. 60E3 Connector (Compatible with 60D, Digital Rebel Series, etc…)
  2. 80N3 Connector (Compatible with 40D, 50D, 7D, 1D series, 5D, etc…)

Please verify which connector type your camera will accept.  After placing your order we will confirm all information and send an order confirmation email.Product_104

Heat Transfer/Reduction System


Heat Transfer System: As you may know, digital noise is an ever-present and common problem that must be overcome in the world of astrophotography and any long exposure photography. Spencer’s Camera & Photo has developed a heat transfer system that will reduce heat from the imaging sensor while not consuming any battery power. A camera with the heat transfer system installed looks like any other normal camera but with the added benefit of heat transfer technology.

Samples and Comparison Images: Sample Image #1 below is an image taken with a Full Spectrum/Clear converted camera with no heat transfer/cooling system installed. Sample Image #2 is the same exposure, same ISO/sensitivity and the same file size settings but shot with a camera that has our heat transfer/cooling system installed. As you can see the digital noise is lessened by the smaller amount of imaging sensor heat present. The longer the exposure the more digital noise will affect your final image and is dramatically amplified upon post processing and final image editing. Reducing the effects of digital noise in your astrophotography images is vital for the highest quality, most clarity and sharpest images possible.


Full-Spectrum- Milky-Way-01jpgOur Heat Transfer System is only available for SLR cameras including most Canon, Fuji, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony models, as well as others. The heat transfer system can be installed along with any conversion type performed by Spencer’s Camera & Photo but is limited to certain camera models. Also, there are no adverse effects to any other functions of the camera. The option to add the heat transfer system to your order is listed within the checkout system along with the camera model and filter options.

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Lens Filters

UV filters do exactly what it sounds like – filter excess UV light from hitting your lens/sensor and negatively affecting your image.

If you don’t already own an ND filter kit (or a variable ND) you need to get one. If you’re really new to this – ND filters essentially are like putting sunglasses on your lens. They allow you to control the exposure of your image without having to adjust your shutter speed, iris, or ISO setting.

Next to an ND filter, the polarizer is arguably the most important creative filter that every DP should have. Polarizers effectively cut out glare, reflections, and other unpleasant sources of light without darkening the entire image substantially. 

lenses-header-560x327With today’s cameras being as overly sharp as they are, there has never been a better time to own a diffusion filter. As the name implies, diffusion filters soften your subject slightly and can often create a beautiful but very subtle glow around certain parts of of the image. 

Low Pass Filter


These Low Pass Filters are original OEM filters.  Each filter will be inspected and packaged carefully for shipment.

After completing your order we will confirm all order information and send a confirmation email.  A tracking number will be provided upon shipment processing.  Please contact us with any questions you may have at

Low Pass Filter sales are not returnable.  Be aware, the Low Pass Filter installation process requires extensive knowledge of electronics and photographic equipment and requires proper equipment to disassemble a camera safely.  We do not provide installation tips or service information of any kind.  Any camera with a built in flash carries over 300 volts of electricity.  Do it yourself installation of the Low Pass Filter is at your own risk and at the risk of your camera!